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Welcome to ezGM's Home

Look for ezGM 5.0.1 to be released by February 28th! New features and an expanded object generator!

ezGM is a utility for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. GM's may find it's plethora of tools extremely helpfull. Here's what it offers:

A die simulator. Dice range from d4 to d100, with user defined x-side/x-dice capabilities.

An on-the-fly NPC creator - Down and dirty, but it works.

An experience calculator based on party level, encounter CR and number of party members.

A weapon compendium. Now have all the 3rd edition weapon stats at your fingertips.

An object generator - randomly generates potions, rings, magical weapons and armor for your party.

A random name generator with over 50,000 combinations.

ezGM is compliant with both the Open Gaming Foundation (OGF) license and the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Here's a link to the Sourceforge project page for ezGM.

To download ezGM, simply click here.

To email me, simply click here.

A big thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this page and this project!

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Posted February 12, 2002

Web page designed entirely in Notepad and VI, and it shows.