Here's where I talk about myself.  If you're not prepared to read all this, I suggest you surf on.

Name: Benjamin Gerber.  I don't have a middle name - when I was still in the womb, my mother got trampled by elephants, my father was abducted by Angolan terrorists, and it physically rained cats.  That's the best explanation for this phenomenon that you'll receive from me - it will have to do. 

Age: 29

OccupationTechnical Support Specialist nee Jr. Unix/NT/2000 Administrator. What can I say, I'm a man of many hats.

Marital Status:I am happily married to my wife Jennifer.

Current location: In Natick, where I grew up.  I spent 4 months living in College Station, Texas and 6 years living in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  I returned to Natick accidentally and have not been able to leave since. 

Education: Bachelor's of Art in Medieval Studies and Anthropology (class of 1996).  Masters of Education in Heritage Studies (class of 1998).    Both degrees were awarded by Plymouth State College, in Plymouth, NH. Now I work with computers. Go figure.

Why the hell did I choose my educational path: I get this question a lot, so let's clear this up once and for all.  I absolutely love studying the human race, most particularly our history and our interaction with the world around us.  One of my favorite periods in history is the Medieval one (roughly from 400 to 1500 AD).  Not the Dungeons and Dragons, knights in chain mail (whatever the hell that is) taking on the supernatural, living in Camelot version - the real one.  Where philosophers debated the existence of the supernatural, and struggled with their senses, where wars were fought, where baths were skipped, where the foundations of our modern Western society were cemented.  I also love archaeology.  I've participated in several digs around the New Hampshire area, and dream of someday working overseas, particularly in the British Isles.  I wanted to get a college education, and in my mind I have accomplished most of my educational goals.  I've studied philosophy, mythology, history, anthropology, sociology, educational methods and methodologies, biology, English literature, and the fine art of living in a dormitory.  The next step? Well, I've started studying for my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certificates.  It's gonna be a long, hard road, but it will be worth it! 

Hobbies and Interests: Learning, reading (mostly history, fantasy and sf, with some philosophical works thrown into the mix for variety or as insomnia cures), writing poetry and short fiction, games of any and all sort, putzing around with Visual Basic, traveling, computers, guitars, ancient through medieval weapons, the effects of laser pointers on feline psychology - and a bunch of other stuff.

Favorite places in the world (in no particular order): White Mountain Nat'l Forest (NH), Athens (Greece), Scotland (British Isles), Isle of Hydra (Greece), Wales (British Isles) and believe it or not, Natick (MA).

Current pet peeve: People who try to sound like they know what they're talking about, when they don't.

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